Youth Work Services

LMETB in cooperation with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) provides a wide range of services for young people between the ages of 10 to 24.  Published in 2014, “Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures, The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People 2014 – 2020” is committed to the following:








Youth Clubs

LMETB Youth services administer funding for youth clubs in Louth and Meath in the form of the DCYA Local Youth Club Grant Scheme.  Application forms will be posted on this website when it becomes available.

The Youth Service also ensures that youth clubs are compliant with National Quality Standards. These standards include:

  • The club/group can clearly outline the benefits of membership for young people who participate in their programmes (non-formal education)
  • The club/group has a designated liaison person for child protection
  • The club/group has written procedures setting out child protection arrangements which are adapted to the nature of the organisations contact with children and which comply with requirements set out in Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (DCYA, 2011)
  • All adult volunteers have been Garda vetted
  • Appropriate insurance cover is in place
  • Volunteers have access to a first aid kit and are able to use it correctly
  • The club/group has a Health and Safety statement, policy or procedures or operate to a buildings Health and Safety policy
  • The club/group is volunteer led and is based on the voluntary participation of young people
  • 75% of the club/group members are between the ages of 10 and 21.

LMETB work closely with organisations such as Foróige, Youth Work Ireland, Scouting Ireland, Irish Girl Guides, Catholic Girl Guides, Order of Malta, Macra na Feirme and other local groups to provide for the most vibrant voluntary service for young people across the region.  To date LMETB Youth Service assists over 100 clubs, comprising 1500 volunteers and 5500 young people.


LMETB youth service provides a variety of services for volunteers.  Courses in First Aid, Child Protection and a QQI Level 5 in Youth Work have been organised.  The service is constantly trying to improve these services and put on courses that are relevant to volunteers.  Please contact your youth officer (below) if your club volunteers have specific training needs.  We may be able to help.

DCYA Funded Youth Projects
  • Priority is given to the needs of at risk young people between the ages of 10 and 21 and those of socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Special Projects for Youth (SPY)
  • Young People’s Facilities and Services II (YPFSF)
  • Revised Youth Funding Scheme (RYFS) formerly Value for Money (VFM)
  • Youth Employability Initiative (YEI)

LMETB currently provide an administrative, oversight and governance function to the following DCYA Funded Projects.

  • Dundalk Youth Centre
  • Drogheda Youth Development (Boomerang)

LMETB also provide Quality Assurance through the National Quality Standards Framework working with the following Youth Organisations:

  • Youth Work Ireland (Meath and Louth)
  • Involve Youth (Meath)
  • Dundalk Youth Centre
  • Boomerang

LMETB have representation on the steering committees of numerous other non-DCYA funded youth projects, in particular The International Fund for Ireland.

  • Turning Point (Drogheda)
  • Omeath (beginning June 2018)
  • New Leaf (Ardee)
  • Youth Diversity Project, Culture & Leadership (Dundalk)
  • Footsteps (Drogheda)

Contact Details

Ian Walker
LMETB Administrative Offices
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Co Louth
Barry Williams
LMETB Administrative Offices
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Co Meath
Tel: 042 933 4047 extn 3211
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