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Youth Club Equipment Grant

LMETB are pleased to announce the provision of an additional 2017 grant for the purchase of youth club equipment. Application forms can be downloaded from the link below:

Download the Application Form here

Download the Purchasing Guidelines

In recognition of the important role of volunteer-led youth clubs/groups in supporting young people, and their engagement with the incorporation of the National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups (NQSVlYG), a once off equipment grant has been made available in 2017, to support the work of volunteers, enhance the experience of members, and provide vital equipment to local youth clubs/groups.

The Local Youth Club Equipment Scheme (LYCES) supports volunteer-led youth club/group activities at a local level. Funding for the Scheme is provided by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and is administered locally by Education and Training Boards (ETBs) on behalf of DCYA.

  • The scheme aims to support youth work activities at a local level with priority given to clubs/groups catering for young people aged 10–21 years and will complement the existing Local Youth Club Grant Scheme incorporating the National Quality Standards for Volunteer-led Youth Groups, on a once off basis. This once off scheme is open to all local youth groups/clubs that fulfil the eligibility criteria listed below.
  • Consultation with the members of the youth club/group to ascertain their opinions on equipment needs will be expected, as any equipment applied for must directly benefit the members of the youth club/group.
  • The scheme is focusing on the provision of small scale equipment grants to local youth clubs/groups. Grants may cover equipment such as: Storage, IT equipment, electrical equipment, sporting equipment, arts and drama equipment etc. Please ensure that in any applications for equipment that would have additional health and safety requirements that this is included in the items applied for. Also please at this point consider appropriate secure storage and if necessary include appropriate secure storage in the items applied for.
  • The maximum grant that can be applied for is €5000; Groups can apply for one single item totalling €5000 or a number of items not totalling more than the maximum grant.
  • The grant may be awarded in full or in part payment and will be subject to your local ETB financial procedures (attached)
  • All grants will be awarded following a competitive process and administered by your local ETB.

Eligibility for the Scheme

The primary focus of the Scheme is to assist local volunteer-led youth clubs/groups that provide a programme of youth work activities for young people. In addition, other clubs/groups that work with young people, but are not specifically providing youth work, are also entitled to apply for LYCES funding.

To be eligible for funding from the Local Youth Club Equipment Scheme, the club/group must satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must be volunteer led and it must be based on the voluntary participation of young people.
  • 75% of the club/group members must be between the ages of 10 and 21.
  • It must be able to clearly outline the benefits of club/group membership for young people who participate in its programmes.
  • The club/group must have a nominated designated liaison person (DLP) for child protection.
  • The club/group must have written procedures setting out child protection arrangements which are adapted to the nature of the organisation’s contact with children and which comply with the requirements outlined in Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (DCYA, 2011).
  • All adult volunteers working with young people must be Garda vetted before they start volunteering.
  • Appropriate insurance cover must be in place.
  • Volunteers must have access to a first aid kit and must be able to use it correctly.
  • The club/group must have a Health and Safety Statement, policy or procedures. (Note: this applies to clubs/groups that own premises. Clubs/groups that do not own premises must confirm that they have seen and operate to the building’s Health and Safety Policy.)

To apply you should email the relevant youth officer below and request a copy of the application form and conditions.

The closing date for returned applications is 5:00 p.m. on Friday 20th October 2017


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